SKIRT Linear dark long

The skirt with wide covers fits every figure.
The woolen ribbon at the top allows you to tie as needed. The skirt has the purple viscose lining.

Size: S and M (also fits for L)
Lenght 64cm
Colors: gradient lilac, gray, brown, black
Skirt 100% wool, lining viscose

Product care: Dry cleaning. Read more from care tips.
Made in Finland and Estonia.

Discover The Green Project that has been an undercover operation for years. Kelpman Textile studio has been mindfully preserving textile leftovers between 2014-2019. With the dedication to use fabrics until the very last centimetre, we’ve been gathering the bits and pieces of our uniquely designed textiles with the intention to craft an entirely new collection. Recent events have allowed for the space and time to construct these leftovers to new garments. The Green Project’s jackets and vests are combined from several patterns and textiles made by Kelpman Textile in the past. Each item is truly one-of-a-kind.

Products in stock: S = 1pcs , M = 0pcs

Read care tips ➤

Treasure the garments by taking good care of them to ensure the longevity of the clothes. Love them as much as we loved making them for you.
Textiles are woven in small quantities carefully considering each step of the process. For finishing we wash the fabric. No chemicals used.

We recommend dry cleaning the product at the end of each wearing season.
Hand wash is allowed, but remember no twisting. Lay the item to dry on a flat surface and once dried it requires a skilful steaming. Wool products do not respond well to ironing on high heat without stream.