VEST wool patchwork green, green M

The long wool vest is made in a patchwork technique as one unique piece by using Woolly jacket fabric leftovers. Consider it zero waste.

Wool vest features a round neckline and drop shoulders, finished with a wool edge on the outside. There are 26cm long slits on the sides and deep pockets in the front. The wide covers can be attached with a large safety pin. You can buy an extra safety pin.

Each vest has a unique pattern.

Colors: green tones. The ribbon is gray.
Composition: 100% wool.
Size: M
Lenght: 103cm.

Product care: dry cleaning. It is allowed to wash with a hand wash program at temperatures up to 30° C without twisting.

You can find the product in our Telliskivi store.

Made in Latvia and Estonia.

Discover The Green Project that has been an undercover operation for years. Kelpman Textile studio has been mindfully preserving textile leftovers between 2014-2019. With the dedication to use fabrics until the very last centimetre, we’ve been gathering the bits and pieces of our uniquely designed textiles with the intention to craft an entirely new collection. Recent events have allowed for the space and time to construct these leftovers to new garments. The Green Project’s jackets and vests are combined from several patterns and textiles made by Kelpman Textile in the past. Each item is truly one-of-a-kind.

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Read care tips ➤

Keep clothes expensive by taking good care of them to ensure their longevity. Love them as much as we liked to make them for you.
Textiles are woven in small quantities, carefully considering each step of the process. For finishing, we wash the fabric without chemicals.

If hand washing is allowed, gently and do not forget not to turn. Place the object on a flat surface to dry and it will need to be skillfully steamed after drying. Wool products can only be steamed on low heat, not ironed.

We recommend dry cleaning the product at the end of each wearing season.