Mare Kelpman is a prolific Estonian textile designer, who started the brand Kelpman Textile in 2012. The textiles and products are specifically created by Mare Kelpman. The textiles are woven using old industrial Dornier weaving machines as well as modern Jacquard machines. Stemming from the island of Saaremaa, Mare incorporates themes from nature – drawing from austere minimalism found on the island and integrating it with abundant colors characteristic to West-Estonian handicraft.

The designer articulates her process: “In the design of my previous works, I have  played with many materials and technologies, using new and innovative techniques as well as old avenues in an unexpected way. Now I’m looking for ways to popularize wool and linen, materials that have been in use for centuries. Wool is as a protective shield in the Nordic climate – it is a warming, breathable, water absorbent and antibacterial material.

For me, the most important is high quality, long-lasting materials, small and unique collections and collaborating with small European producers. This way I can contribute to the promotion of approaches oriented towards minimizing overproduction and overconsumption and help encourage local producers. Otherwise the decline of the textile industry will inevitably bring about the loss of unique skills in Europe. Producing textiles is like bread making, we have to take care of the leaven.”

Kelpman Textile operates under the ethos of sustainability, the textiles have a  minimal environmental footprint and are free from chemical substances. The materials do not travel long distances in big ship containers and we do not create waste in terms of both textiles and products. Yarns are sourced from various European manufacturers, who commit to fair treatment of animals and use non-toxic substances in the yarn. All textile items are created in limited numbers and leftovers from cutting are used to make small accessories.

The textile studio is open to clients for cooperation within the framework of special projects.

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